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Product Installation

You can complete the installation of Beko 400 TR Android POS device in just a few minutes without the need for service. You can watch the video with the required instructions for installation, and follow the steps below to complete your installation.
  • Press the Power (Güç) button on the left to turn on your device.
  • Make your language and country preferences and proceed to the next step.
  • Beko 400 TR runs with Internet. You can connect your device to the Internet with Wi-Fi, mobile or cable options. After you make your choice of connection, your device checks if the software is up-to-date. If a later version of the software is available, it installs that software version. After seeing the “Your device is up-to-date” (Cihazınız Güncel) warning, it automatically proceeds to the next step.
  • To install the applications you selected while purchasing the product, you should log in to your Token account. For your Token account login information, you can check the previously sent SMS and e-mails. If you cannot find it, you can have your password resent by clicking “Resend SMS” (SMS’i tekrar gönder).
  • The "Device End User License Agreement" (Cihaz Son Kullanıcı Lisans Sözleşmesi) appearing after logging into your account should be approved by the person who will use the device./li>
  • After the agreement approval, a list of the applications you chose to use in the device will appear on your screen. Once you activate the applications, your device installation is completed.

You can do this using the video below.