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Beko 400 TR Device Settings

You can watch the video explaining how to adjust the settings of your Beko 400 TR device. From this tab you may;
  • Access all devices and payment methods and change them,
  • Connect to Internet and change your connection settings,
  • Active / Deactivate the payment types as you wish,
  • Find all the information about your business in the “Financial Settings” (“Mali Ayarlar”) section,
  • Use “System Settings” (“Sistem Ayarları”) for all technical details about your device and check for updates,
  • Adjust the brightness and sleep of your screen and change the tone of your device,
  • Set PIN for your screen lock,
  • Use “Close shop” (“Dükkanı kapat”) to update your device,
  • Set a time to update your device automatically every day,
  • Change your language and country selection.


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