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Product Sale (Ürün Satış)

In order to be able to sell products with Beko 400 TR, you must first define your products on Token Merchant Panel (Token Üye İş Yeri Paneli). You can watch the video explaining how to do this process, or you can complete the process by following the steps below.
  • Open the Token Store application by clicking “Sales” (“Satışlar”) section on the main menu.
  • Select the product you will sell from the relevant category tab and determine the quantity.
  • You can get the payment by clicking the green arrow button to continue to the payment screen and selecting the payment method.
  • Complete the process by clicking “confirm” (“onay”) button after the e-archive invoice is created.
  • You can access the reports and e-archive / e-invoice of your transaction through the Token Merchant Panel.


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